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FO-023   FO/DL5XU    Nuku hiva                      OC-027 DL5AXU      25/01/2006
FO-023   FO/HA9G     Nuku hiva                      OC-027             01/02/2006   
FO-122   FO/DL9AWI   Raivavae isl                   OC-114             06/02/2006
FO-122   FO/DL1AWI   Raivavae isl                   OC-114 DL1AWI      09/02/2006
FG-001   TO2FG       Guadeloupe Grande terre        NA-102 F6HMJ       __/02/2006
FG-001   TO2ANT      Guadeloupe Grande terre        NA-102 F6HMJ       __/02/2006
FP-001   FP/F5SLG    St Pierre                      NA-032 F5SLG       __/02/2006
FO-028   FO/HA9G     Ahe Atoll                      OC-131 KA9G     20-28/02/2006
FY-008   TO7IR       Ile Royale                     SA-020 IZ8CCW      __/02/2006
FH-001   TX5T        Mayotte                        AF-027 DL2RUM      __/08/2006
FH-001   TX5NK       Mayotte                        AF-027 DJ8NK       __/08/2006
FK-001   TX1A        FK Main isl                    OC-032 FK8DD       __/07/2006
FO-122   FO/KM9D     RAIVAVAE                       OC-114 OM2SA       __/08/2006
FO-007   FO/KM9D     Maupihaa atoll                 OC-057 OM2SA       23-28/09/2006

FO - Yves, F6CTL gives a few details about his fourth trip to the Pacific
. He and his wife will be leaving France on 18 June and
will be visiting the following islands:
20-24 June Hiva Oa (OC-027) Marquesas
25-30 June Rurutu (OC-050) Australes
01-06 July Tahiti & Moorea (OC-046) French Polynesia
07-11 July Magareva (OC-063) French Polynesia
12-14 July Fakarava (OC-066) French Polynesia
14-16 July Huahine (OC-067) French Polynesia
On 17 July they will depart Tahiti on their trip back to France.
Yves will operate SSB and some CW as FO/F6CTL/M, FO/F6CTL/A and
FO/F6CTL as appropriate, with a ground plane for 10-40 metres, plus
doublets and long wires depending on local conditions. Expect Yves
to be QRV in his early mornings and late afternoons-evenings.

>From October 21st to November 19th, look  for Pierre, F5JFU,  to be active as 
FO/F5JFU from the French  Polynesia.
Pierre will visit three islands : 
- Tahiti , IOTA: OC-O42, DIFO:  FO-002 
- Moorea , IOTA OC-046, DIFO :  FO-010
- Bora-Bora, IOTA OC-O67, DIFO:  FO-003